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Ms. Carline Phanor


Ms. Carline Phanor was 10 years old when she and her family moved from Haiti to New York City, where she grew up through adolescence. After her first semester at Hunter College, her family surprised her with a trip to Haiti. She fell in love with the Caribbean lifestyle! She could not see herself going back to the cold winters and decided to live there permanently. Everyone who met Caline recalls her warmth, genuine charisma and unique/artistic fashion style. In Haiti, she worked at a well know restaurant where she developed experience and interest for food, recipes and exotic Caribbean spices. Later one, she opened her own restaurant, “Captivity Bar Restaurant” in Champ De Mars, Port Au Prince. As a part of numerous recipes, she created her own hot sauce. She also owned a Men clothing store named “Hypertension Men’s Haberdashery” in Petion Ville, Haiti. Throughout many years, Ms. Phanor never stopped reminiscing about her old time Customer’s passion and love for her homemade hot sauce.  As a hobby, she cultivated the growth of different exotic peppers in her backyard; she concocted a mixture of freshly picked peppers and added different exotic spice, including, vinegar and olive oil.

 This blend automatically received a unanimous approval from family and friends. In 1991, due to the political turmoil, she moved to Miami; she then worked for “Interval International” as an Exchange and Travel Adviser and later, for ” The Home Depot” as a kitchen designer specialist.  As a part time student, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Kaplan University.Thereafter, the product was called a “must have in the kitchen and dining room table of families of different ethnicities in South Florida. MEN PA’W was denominated and defined as a natural, exotic and orgasmic hot sauce. Therefore, this new gourmet hot sauce, “MEN PA’W”, promises to revolutionize the way you eat and cook!!! Currently, Men Pa’w hot sauce is available on the shelves of numerous supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants throughout the United States, Canada, Italy and Haiti. Ms. Phanor currently resides in Palmetto Bay, Florida along with her son.

Winners of The Hot Pepper Awards 2013
“THE HOT PEPPER AWARD” is the overall top category winner



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